Table of Contents not compiling correctly

Hi everyone,

I’m using Scrivener for OS X (Snow Leopard).

I’m trying to create a table of contents that looks good on ereaders, mobile devices and tablets, but I’m having an issue. My book consists of many, many, many pages that are organized on multiple levels (it’s similar to a Choose Your Own Adventure, so it makes use of a lot of pages and links). When I compile my TOC, I want it to be organized by the chapter levels only, but instead, the TOC lists every single page on the TOC page, which ends up being literally a hundred pages, because it lists every single page. It’s really frustrating.

It does this even when I select “NCX” or not. I’m really confused about what to do.

Is there a way to configure my TOC like a proper book even when I’ve got so many pages?


I figured this out after searching other threads. I had searched before but didn’t know how to name the issue. Thanks!