Table of Contents not linked

When I compile my book for Kindle, Scrivener creates a fully functional table of contents that’s properly linked to my chapters. However, when previewed in any Kindle app or device, "Table of Contents " in the lefthand navigational rail is not functional. When you click on it, you are not taken to the Table of Contents page. You must advance the pages to get there.

In the navigation rail, “Cover,” “Title,” “Copyright,” “Foreword” and all the chapters are live, but “Table of Contents” is not.

I suspect that I’m simply forgetting to click a compile setting somewhere, but I have no idea what it might be.

If you’ve created a custom ToC page in your front matter, and called it “Table of Contents”, that might explain the problem, as the compiler’s default settings assume the section will be called “Contents”. You can change that in the Layout compile option pane. That will ensure that the page you created is properly addressed as the visual contents page (as opposed to the data that creates the software navigation feature, such as the sidebar navigation rail in Kindle for Mac).

Ah. I think that’s the issue, Amber V. Thanks!