Table of Contents Pages

Hi all,

I’m trying to troubleshoot all potential problems before I actually have to finalize a draft of my work and am looking for some help.

After some attempts, I finally produced a Table of Contents and compiled my entire document to a MS Word file. The problem is that the pages that insert into Scrivener’s placeholders do not match the pages produced in word. In fact, my dissertation currently has around 300 pages Scrivener indicates in the ToC that the last chapter starts at page 411.

How do I get Scrivener and MS Word to play nice in terms of recognizing the same number of pages so that the ToC is consistent when I compile?

Hi Marcusss,

If you really wanted to do it this way, you would have to make sure that Scrivener uses the exact same layout as your word document does. This means the same page size, margins, same fonts, same character and line spacing, same ‘break-logic’ etc. I think this is tricky. Also, I don’t think Scrivener’s logic for automatic numbering is the same as word’s, i.e. Scrivener won’t compile into the fields that word uses in the background (I am happy to stand corrected here by someone who knows better).

If I were you, I would make the TOC in word instead. This means you should have your headings in word defined as styles, and word would create the TOC with correct page numbers.

To make sure you compile the correct styles, this post might be of interest:

Please see Chapter 22 in the manual for information about Tables of Contents. You’ll need to make sure Word updates the page numbers in the ToC.

As 06NH said, using styled headings and letting Word build the ToC may be a more successful approach.