Table of Contents Question


I am using Scrivener for the first time and have worked out most things with the help of the tutorials, but I have a ToC question.

I have found that if I compile to the Kindle format the Toc is automatically created and can be found from the menu in the Kindle reader. However, so far I have not worked out how to make it also appear as a page somewhere in front of the chapters.

Can anybody please point me in the right direction? Is this even necessary for Kindle, do people expect to see it as a page at the front of the book?



Are you sure the page isn’t there? You may have to page back to see it.

I don’t do anything special, and the table of contents appears at the front of all my books. You can take a look at this free book compiled with Scrivener (as all my books are):

Yes, thanks, it was indeed there.