Table of Contents starting at the wrong place

When compiling my manuscript for ePub, I tick “Generate HTML table of contents” but it includes TITLE PAGE, COPYRIGHT, and DEDICATION from the Front Matter folder whereas I want it to start from chapter one. How can I achieve that?

By manually generating your own ToC. Chapter 22 in the manual explains how.

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Yes, tried that, got “?” at the end

What specific command did you use to create the ToC?

Edit>Copy Special>Copy Documents as ToC

Then paste into a new document

I’ve tried it with the contents page in the Front Matter and within the Manuscript. Both give the same result.

You mentioned earlier creating an ePub, so in that case, the documentation for Creating a Contents Page, states:

  • For ebooks and web pages: Edit ▸ Copy Special ▸ Copy Documents as Structured Link List

I am wondering, why did you use the other one instead? Is this for a different format, PDF perhaps? It would help to know why the page numbers are not working, by better understanding what you are using them for. Page numbers are of course meaningless in an ePub file—hence the above command being used instead. So I guess if that’s what you’re trying: problem solved.

Thank you, Amber. That’s where I ws going wrong. I googled it but didn’t realise there was a difference.

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