Table of Contents

With regard to mobi/epub table of conents: My chapter titles in the formatting pane are compound with 3 lines:

Chapter One:

In the auto generated TOC it concatenates this all together and results in an unreadable mess. Is there any way to have a separate template for the TOC like just “title”. I know I could make a manual TOC but that defeats the point and is a lousy solution.



Use the “Title Adjustments” pane of Compile to deal with this, in particular these options:

The above options will result in the following being used in the table of contents:

Chapter One - Title

If you don’t want “Chapter One” adding at all, just un-tick “Update title in Scrivener links…” altogether.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

That solved it perfectly. I’ll these obscore (but useful) options :slight_smile: