Table of keywords / index

Hi, i the keywords feature, but how do i compile table of keywords / index (not sure of correct translation) Cant find in “copy special” like with a toc


This answer might be helpful.

Well, not quite - I’m just interested in the keywords from of a collection or part of the draft - eg. whats being compiled.
A keyword index to me is a index / list of keywords each with multiple page references - often placed in back of the book - to easily lookup text about a keyword.

That is not what the term “keyword” means in the context of Scrivener, and many other programs. In this instance “keyword” means a word that can be applied to a document (like a tag) to give some sort of idea of its relevance to a particular subject. So you might apply the keyword “Paris” to any document that has something to do with that city.

There is no facility in Scrivener for making an index. You would need to do that in a word processor after compiling your text.

Cheers, Martin.

Bugger, guess building an index will get dirty.