table problem (was it a bug?)

i tried to create a table no long ago but i found out it behaving like i wanted: apparently i can’t find a way to make the table centered in the page, i wonder if you will plan to add a small feature to let the table get centered to the page?

Can you clarify what you mean my centreing please. I am trying to reproduce this. Thank you.

ah right, here a screenshot:

as you can seen, i can’t make the table centered to the page.

i also noticed that i can’t merge or split the cell when i click-right on the table…

note: that table was created from the scrivener version.

It seems to be an issue as I created one in 3 and didn’t experience this problem.

i actually don’t think it’s from the version since it’s still present in the scrivener 3 version. as show the screenshot i made recently:

and like i said previously, i also noticed that i can’t use the merge cell and split cell.

the only solution i managed to do is this:

which is basically nesting a table inside a table. and another problem is the pure black color becoming white as shown in the screenshot, i had to cheat by using that color hex: #010101 it help to keep the border visible.