Table Properties Dialog Box Hates the number 1[BUG LOGGED]

WinScrivener 1.0 on Windows7

Buggy Behavior:

In a document, click on the Table button to create a new table. The Table Properties dialogue box will appear.

Bug 1. In the Rows box, highlighting the current contents and typing a 1 will cause the entire Table Properties box to gray-out and become unresponsive. grayed-out table properties.png The box can, however, be closed. The reason I am attempting to type a 1 is because I want 10 rows and I don’t feel like arrowing up from 2 rows to 10 rows, click by click. Clicking the down arrow button to move from 2 rows to 1 row will also make the box gray-out. Deleting the current box contents entirely and typing 1 will also duplicate the behavior.

No other numerals create this response. (Although typing 0 and then clicking out of the field makes the number revert to the previous value, I suspect on purpose?)

Typing a 0 into the box, then moving the cursor left and typing a 1 will allow 10 rows to be made. It is then possible to delete the zero, leaving the 1 and type different numbers, like a 5 to get 15. But that’s a really awkward way to get 10-19 rows.

Possible Row-related Bug? Unless I’m doing something very, very wrong, it’s not possible for a table to have 22 rows. Not allowing tables to have more than 20 rows? Makes me cry. :frowning:

Bug 2. In the Columns box, highlighting the current contents and typing a 1 causes Scrivener to immediately crash. :open_mouth:
Admittedly, it’s less likely someone will want 10+ columns, but…
Again, I tried out other numerals, and the only buggy one is 1.

Scrivener (with the updated sciverner.exe) on Windows 7, too.

I managed to get the same behavior as OP. Talk about being completely taken off guard when putting column 1 :laughing:

I’m sure you’ve thought of this, but for anyone who hasn’t, enter nine in the box then scroll up once. That should get you around the problem.