Table Resizing Help?

The only way I have found to make multiple columns in Scrivener is by using tables
The only way I have seen to resize them is in the table properties, cell width.
This is a % based, and more often than not it does not work,
So, a 4 column table, could have a 5% cell width be half the page while the 40% one be a centimeter wide.

Are there any suggestions on better resizing of columns?
Whether it be the absolute size (5cm for column 1 for example)
Or a way to drag resize columns like in Word?

I am not using this to write books but more of a personal information manager and the only thing keeping me from going back to Word is the Binder, basically I have turned each Text into what would be there own separate word file, and I have not found a better alternative that has fairly decent word processing capabilities elsewhere.

BUMP – This has been a problem since at least 2004, I Googled it.

How can I change the width of a table? How can I have 25% / 75% rows?

Tables resize by them selfs. So, I redid every single table again. Twice. I close the program at the end of the day and next day, the same problem again. It is impossible to read. I am loosing everything I have done. Scrivener is extremely disappointing. As far as I can see, nobody answers this kind of questions neither.