Table Top Gaming and Work

Greetings all and thank you to Literature and Latte for making my life so much easier!

As well as writing my first novel and various short stories I also use Scrivener for a few other uses. Something I’ve found it excels in is Table Top RPG’s (role playing games). These RPG’s are complex and have lots of information and many minor plots and short stories happening within a games campaign. Interestingly enough I found Scrivener to be fantastic for keeping track of this.

Example of how I use Scrivener:
I create a folder for the Campaign.

Inside that first folder I have notes on the general plot outline and where it needs to go. No more than 2-3 small paragraphs.

Then I use various folders for Act I, Act II etc. Which have self contained folders and notes for character conversations and objectives for the players.

I can also keep track of all the important information quickly and neatly. Such as locations and player actions that may change the plot as they play. Scrivener allows me to add as little or as much as I want as fast as I want. In what ever order I want. Couldn’t ask for a better options.

If you are struggling with writers block and you just need something different I would definitely suggest looking on YouTube at the like of Dungeons and Dragons (as it’s the most popular) or the myriad of others. I personally don’t play D&D yet but it has inspired many short stories. I’ve found playing table top RPG’s as a Game Master is very rewarding for writing, because the plot revolves around real characters who have their own motivations and own personalities out of your control. You create the world for them and guide them down a basic path that becomes a set of plot twists and turns and lots of unpredictable encounters. This provides me with lots of basis to see how characters may react in different situations in my own stories.

Scrivener is also a very useful application for general information storage and analysis as it can be organised in any way you like. Very glad I purchased.

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