tables and word

Hi All,

I’ve done a search but can’t pin-point this specific issues.

On compiling for word my tables extend beyond the margin, however in RTF this is perfectly OK.

Any advice appreciated, it’s a deal breaker for me.



What happens if you import the RTF file into Word?

The current beta version has improved converters for Word and other formats. You might take a look and see if it gives better results. You can download the beta from


Thanks Katherine,

I tried both suggestions.

Importing a RTF into word also extends beyond the margin!

Unfortunately no better with the Beta.

Are there any guidelines I need to adhere to, to ensure compiling will work for MS Word?



If you print the table, from either an RTF editor or Scrivener, does it fit on the page?

The most likely cause of this problem is that the margins for the Word page are smaller than the margins for the Scrivener page, and so the table really doesn’t fit. So the choices are to either make the Word margins bigger, or the table smaller.

It is possible to change the margins in Scrivener at compile time, using the ruler in the Compile -> Formatting pane. But unless you’ve used different margin settings for RTF and Word, that is probably not the issue here.