Tables breaking up when hitting enter

Trying to use a table with three columns and four rows:

When hitting enter in some table boxes the table gets broken up, instead of going to the next line in the box or putting in a space.

Commonly, but not always, the box will get separated into a new box by itself.

Sometimes hitting return in a box on the far left will chop off the next two columns, but leave the space where they used to be.

Also, I can’t seem to get Scriv to understand that I want the formatting and table color to apply to all newly-added rows and columns.

Overall, the tables in Scrivener are a pain to use at present.

Unfortunately it looks like we’ll need some further details on how to see either of these problems. I have never seen tables break apart when adding paragraph breaks within a cell, and for me, what formatting exists in the table (cell background color and border settings) are applied to new rows and columns, no matter how they are added.

I’d also do some checking in TextEdit. If you copy and paste the section of text containing the problematic over into a new TextEdit window and do some testing there, do the problems persist? If so it’s not very likely there is anything we can do about it.