Tables in Scrivener 3

I’m using Scrivener to compile notes on Spanish. I use tables to keep verb conjugations neat and tidy. I can’t seem to paste tables in from an outside source eg as Google docs or Word.

I can create the table inside Scrivener, but again, can’t seem to figure out how to duplicate the table. Copy / Paste or Copy / Paste match style don’t work. This would be handy for adding new tables for new verb tenses as I learn them.

Is there a way to create the same table over and over in Scrivener?

Edit: Nevermind, copy paste seems to work now. Maybe I still had the info from Word in the clipboard. Never seems to fail I find the solution 30 seconds after posting here.

Well to not waste a thread is there a way to keep the table from stretching across the entire width of the page?

Edit 2: now it’s not working, giving me different column widths when I paste in the table. When I use paste → Match styles, it removes the table entirely and just stacks every cell onto a different line.

If you are creating a series of tables that all follow the same formatting, then I would say the best tool for the job is the Document Templates feature. There is a section on these in the interactive tutorial, in the Help menu, and you can read up on all of their uses in §7.5, Document Templates, of the user manual.

The idea is very simple: make an empty table all formatted and set up the way you like and then drop it into your templates folder. With that done, it will be added to the various “Add” menus in the software, so creating a new table will be like creating a new text chunk.

If you ultimately want that table to be a part of an existing text chunk, you can always select the both of them in the binder and use the Documents ▸ Merge command, but I often find it useful to keep tables in their own text chunks, as you can more easily list them in collections and such.