I know that tables in the Mac version of Scrivener are the native system tables, but they are easily the most nightmarish thing in Scrivener, as you may well be aware.

I try to move the divider between two columns slightly to prevent a line break, and all other vertical dividers move as well. So I move it back thinking that they’ll go back in the other direction, but no; they continue to move in the same direction as before, confounding the problem.

I add a row, merge some cells in it, and suddenly other cells have disappeared and their text concatenated to a different cell; not even an adjacent one, just a different cell.

It’s awful, and I know it’s not you guys’ fault, but if there were a single thing that would have the most severe beneficial effect (at least to me right now), figuring out another way to handle tables would be it.

This doesn’t belong in the bug hunt forum since it is just a complaint about the OS X text system’s implementation of tables (or at least, it belongs in the Apple forums bug hunt area…). The way I look at it is that, yes, tables in the OS X text system are pretty awful, but on the other hand, if they weren’t there, I probably would never have included them at all. :slight_smile: Which isn’t to say we we won’t look at improving them in the future - we might do at some point. But it’s not as straightforward as forward references.

No worries. At the moment I’m doing all my tables in Word and saving them as images to be included using the <$img> placeholder tag.

That’s a decent workaround. The problem, incidentally, isn’t just a matter of replacing tables in the interface. That’s a huge job in itself, since we can’t just improve the current tables as they are a “black box” in Apple’s code, so we would need to remove all entry points to those tables and come up with our own custom cells and table interface (this is what Nisus Writer has done, which uses a heavily customised version of the OS X text system). But once that was done, I’d also need to rewrite all of the RTF and HTML importer and exporter code to read to and write from the new table system. As I say, Nisus has done this, but then Nisus is a dedicated word processor (one of my favourites) so its a central feature whereas in Scrivener there are a billion other pieces of code to maintain. So it’s something possible for the future - something I’d like to improve in the future - but non-trivial. I’d love to get a secondary Cocoa programmer on board to help with stuff like that one day, in fact.

Thanks and all the best,