I’m a PhD student and I have used Scrivener for scientific writing since 2009. The only significant drawback in Scrivener are its tables. I generally use them for prewriting and to organise my thoughts as I, e.g., compare different arguments. So far I have been using Word or Excel and then switching back to Scrivener. App-switching is cumbersome, of course - no need to expand on this. I’m not asking for an MS Excel here, but something 60% closer to, say, MS Word tables would be just fine. Could there be any improvements in this direction? Thanks. Cheers, Édison.

Thanks for the feedback, Edison. Unfortunately tables, as well as most of everything you see in the text editor is provided by the engine itself. We have no control over it beyond the rudimentary tools it allows for, and making modifications to it would pretty much mean throwing out the entire thing and starting over from scratch. Microsoft may be able to do that, but one programmer, not so much, at least, not if he wants to also making writing software and not just table making software. :slight_smile:

As I usually recommend to people who need to work with a lot of tables: use Scrivener for its intended purpose, as a rough draft studio. Use the table feature to get data into cells and save yourself that effort down the line, but do your final layout and captioning in programs that have sophisticated tools for doing so. It’s not a matter of switching back and forth, it’s a matter of doing all of one job with the tool that does that job best, then switching to another tool for the next phase of the project, if necessary.

Hi Edison

as a fellow PhD student I use adobe indesign for tables and then paste the table as image in scrivener or mellel if I have finished drafting. Word tables corrupt too easily and time is one thing as a PhD student I do not have lots of. As a student adobe CS6 is a bargain not to be missed and I shall probably end up doing my final manuscript in indesign - at the moment I need to use word for my supervisor as that is all they know how to use for editing.