I am having a lot of frustration with the table function. I am unable to copy and past text into an existing cell. It pastes it outside of the table. Or if I want to drag text from one cell to another it creates a cell within the destination cell. Also, I cannot add a column in from of my existing columns.

Any help will be appreciated

There’s been quite a bit of discussion about this. Basically, it’s not Scrivener’s fault, it’s Apple’s. Scrivener uses the basic OS X text system, so there’s nothing Keith can do about it. If you want the tables fixed, you can submit a bug report to Apple.

As Khadrelt says, Scrivener uses the standard OS X text engine to render text, and for features such as tables and bullet points. (The “OS X text engine” is the one showcased by TextEdit; it is used in many applications on OS X, the main exceptions being dedicated word processors and layout programs that have to provide added layout functionality.) Apple introduced tables and bullet points into the text system in Tiger, and they were horrible and buggy… and sadly, they didn’t update or fix them for Leopard. So, I am afraid that the tables in Scrivener are, absolutely and I fully admit it, horrible. Unfortunately, trying to override them or provide a custom table function that improves on it would be months of work for a single developer such as myself, so I’m afraid we’re stuck with them until Apple overhaul them.