Tabs and default formatting

Where / how do I clear all the settings (tabs etc.), and then how do I make this the default setting(s)?

Must I clear tabs and such individually, or is there a global “erase” for these?

File → Options → Editing → Formatting.

The tab ruler should be shown. Right click to add a tab stop. Drag a stop off the ruler to remove it. Is that what you’re looking for?

You can also change formatting by project at Project → Project Settings → Formatting" if you check the box for “Use different formatting for new documents in this project.”

Both formats, though, only apply to new documents. They do not apply to old ones. Scrivener assumes you meant what you used in the older docs, and only want to change the “No Style” formatting going forward.

So for what you’ve already got in place, if you want to change them, there is a function, Documents → Convert → “text to default formatting.”

However, if you have “Project → Project Settings → Formatting → Use different formatting for new documents in this project” checked, it will use THAT formatting instead of the Normal defaults.

Does that help?