Tabs missing in compile

Hi all,
I’ve downloaded the 30 day free scrivener trial. I’m loving it so far and intend to buy a licence.
I’m a little confused though :blush: when I’m compiling I don’t get all the tabs which show in the instructional videos I’ve been watching, for instance - I don’t get the layout tab or statistics tab, and a couple of others I can’t remember right now.
I’ve tried flicking through the different formats (ebook, pdf etc) and I can’t get them to show anywhere.
Many thanks for any help!

Those are probably in the Mac version of Scrivener, with which the Windows version is catching up. Seems likely will pretty much catch up in 2016 (though new features premiere on the Mac first as that’s the platform that Scrivener’s creator develops on).

Question is whether the missing features are show stoppers for you now. As has been pointed out, the Windows version is already far ahead of where the Mac version was when originally released. The other question is whether Scrivener will likely be the only writing/formatting app you use… or one of the tools in your writing/formatting toolbox. Some use Scrivener for both writing and formatting, while others use Scrivener for writing and then something else (InDesign, Calibre, …) for formatting.