As many, my plots often become quite complex. I then decide to grab groupings that are developing into their own subplots and paste it into a new document, leaving the original displaying an outline of the plot titles only.

Thing is, I’d much rather be able to keep those bound together in one document which opens in tabs rather than numerous separate documents so that I can reference each quickly, or at the very least [not preferred] view each document in its own tab.

I certainly do not want to make the use of the app complex, there are plenty of those out there but rather keeping it simple add only the ability to bind numerous pages together, thereafter to be displayed in ‘slimline’ tabs.

Have you tried the Quick Reference feature? It allows you to open a document in its own window.

You might also want to make use of Scrivener’s multi-document features. Each plot point can be its own document, while you use Collections and Scrivenings view to experiment with various orders and groupings.


Hi Katherine.
Maybe I have posted this in the wrong place, I thought I was on the Scapple Forum.


Sorry, no. This is the Scrivener Wish List, hence my non-relevant response. I’ll move this thread to the correct forum. – Katherine

In the absence of tabs, have you thought about using links (from the outline titles to the developed document) to connect your Scapple maps together? This is how I work with outcrops, sometimes quite a net of them.

For Scapple on macOS Sierra the “Merge all Windows” feature, accessed from the Window menu, will create a tabbed interface from two or more open Scapple documents.

As an alternative to separate documents though, try spreading out groups on the same document. Leave a lot of space between adjacent groups of notes, and get used to using the ‘z’ key to temporarily zoom out to see all groupings, then move the cursor over the one you want to view up close and let go of the ‘z’ key. If you create a big label above each grouping, with a very large font, you can easily see which grouping is about what topic at that extreme zoom level.

Thanks rDale.
The solution to upgrade to Sierra sounds the preferable option. I’m currently running El Capitan and shall have to investigate upgrading. I have a Macbook Air 2011 with a mere 4GB soldered to the logic board, so I’ll have to check what impact Sierra will have if any on performance, and on current apps.


sorry for posting here, I want to start a new topic but no-where can I find the Post new Topic button, I am a registered member. While I am here, where in Scrivener is the quick reference button, I cant find that either, Thanks for help

Hi Kelpegirl.
If while hovering over the toolbar (ctrl+click) it, then choose “Customise Toolbar” from the menu that will appear, then you can add the “Quick Reference” button to your toolbar for ease of use. Alternatively, just type ‘Quick’ into Scrivener’s ‘Help’ in the top menu bar and it will guide you to where it is in the menus.

Hi Kelpiegirl and welcome.

I’m glad you got an answer to your question, and I hope that it is useful. But can I point out that you actually posted a question on Scrivener (for Windows) in the Scapple for MacOS forum. As Karlos doesn’t give his operating system, I would assume he’s a Mac user since it’s a Mac forum, so the answer might be different for Windows. As a Mac user myself, I’m afraid I can’t be of any further help.