Tag, flag, or keyword specific locations

All, After internet searching I seem to be unable to find what I am looking for.

I want to be able to somehow mark specific locations in the text for reference later. Ideally I would like it to work like keywords seem to but my understanding is keywords are linked to pages. I want to drop say…5 ‘Edit’ marks, 2 ‘Insert Reference’ marks, and 1 ‘Insert Table’ mark in a single section and be able to search for those later.

At the moment the best I’ve found is to 1) use highlighter colors by task and then find by highlighter color or 2) throw in a TK to find spots later. Finding highlighted spots is not the same as searching for them-I’m unable to create a collections tab or any other way to overview things. I’m left scrolling through each instance. Throwing TK into places to revisit works but is easily overlooked when skimming text and offers no finesse to distinguish spots like keywords do.

Is there a way to accomplish what I would like to do? Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance for the help!

You can search for highlight colours using a step-by-step find tool that will jump throughout the entire project to find instances. Therefore, even though it doesn’t work like Project Search (which returns all matched documents at once in a list), you can still walk through an entire manuscript by highlight colour, you don’t need to scroll through each document by hand. Check out 20.1.4 Find by Format and Text Function, starting on pg. 197 of the user manual, for more information.

As an aside however, this sort of thing you’re talking about is what inline annotations were designed, in part, to address. Putting down simple editing marks, and maybe adding a short explanation for why, is easy to do with the Format/Inline Annotation tool (use of it is like italics, just toggle on, type, toggle off to resume normal text—or select and toggle). The other advantage over highlights is that inline annotations require no text to function. They can be placed in empty stub sections, between paragraphs or wherever you need.

Annotations, like highlights, can be searched for using this same formatting finder I described above.