Tag Page Number is wrong

My project has a lot of documents, and I use the tag <$P> to refer to an other document’s page.

For example in doc5 I insert (…) see chapter “xx” at page <$P> (…)
Then I select <$P>, click right and through Scrivener link, find the right document, for example Doc1

But in case of Doc 1 starts at page 4 and ends at page 6, the page number in doc5 is always the number 4, which it’s the first page.

In many cases that’s not correct for what I want do link.
I would like the link a specific part of the Doc1, which will be after compilation on page 5 (but that can change).

So could you tell me how to link one document to the page number of a specific part of an other one?
(I’ve thought to insert a bookmark in the target document, but it seems that it’s not possible to link something with it.)

Thanks for your help

Yeah, the bookmark feature in Scrivener is not the same as in other word processors. It’s a simple tool to help with getting around inside longer documents and Scrivenings sessions. There is no technology for doing what you describe in the base text engine. Links must point to sections.

So this is the sort of thing you’ll need to defer to post-compile document preparation. I’d suggest using placeholder markers that you can easily search for in the final output.

Thak you for your answer.

And it would so wonderful to have all the bookmark available everywhere in the project; that could make possible to use them for crosslinking.
An other idea to add at the wish list?

Text bookmarks will not exist in the next update, and as I mentioned there is no underlying technology for programming this capability into the software, anyway. That’s probably the only reason it doesn’t exist already.