Tagging keywords on single words

Good evening everybody,
I recently started a trial of Scrivener 3 for research purposes. I am working on the edition of some medieval documents written mainly in Latin, Greek and Arabic. I am trying to organise the documents in a way that the keywords let me jump directly into in that single word that corresponds to the selected keywords. Is there also any way to highlight words by clicking to a keyword?
Thanks in advance,

Consider a combo of keyword for the file and comments to highlight specific word or phrase. You could go even further and match comment color to a keyword color and very quickly find the exact spot you are looking for in document

Keywords are assigned to documents in a project, but there is an easy way to jump from a keyword doc search to a full-on word/term search.

In Brief: Open the Keyword Panel, select a Keyword, click for Project Search (by keyword), click-return into the project search field to re-perform the search as search for Text. Documents with occurrences will be shown and the term highlighted throughout.

(The following shows steps for Scrivener on Mac, so there may be differences in interface.

Open the Keyword panel, pick your keyword (3), then click the search icon (4) at the bottom of the panel:

That will perform a Project Search for docs keyed with that keyword. (This is not the result you want.) If need be, click open the Search Options icon…

…just to make sure that the (Search in) Text option is selected (rather than, say, Keyword). Mine is usually set that way already.

Just click into the project search field and hit carriage Return. This will re-perform the search, but will search for the keyword-as-text in your documents.