Take a Weird Break

Take a Break is an English magazine - sort of a lowbrow Hello, if that’s possible.This site is dedicated to headlines from that magazine and other similar ones:



Once a teacher always a teacher. :frowning: tch! tch!

I fear for 2.0

Its the kind of rubbish, my human, vic-k reads. I ve tried to get him to read my Guardian. Im wasting my time, as you may expect. He wont read anything (I use the word, read, in its loosest connotation), that hasn`t got mammoth mammeries on the front page. Humans are so sad, :frowning:

Yes fluff, we are sad. It is a result of not being able to sleep all day which is driven by a need to supply salmon to creatures that are named fluff.

I have to ask.

How did you find the site ?

There is a good line there. I have a sock called Patsy…


The Mrs - she has a penchant for Popbitch and the link was on there. Funnily enough, that was David’s favourite line too…

Why doesn`t that surprise me? :confused: