"take results to the editor" 11.1—order probelm in Editor

when I do a search in the Binder [by pressing button (b) in figure 10,4] the contents of my search in the Editor are ordered as the corresponding documents are in the Binder… This seems counter-intuitive—Why does the order of the contents in the Editor not match the order they are in the sidebar (that I have put them in, for example, by ‘sorting by Title’)?

Foggy memory on the possible technical reason* why this is, but I’m pretty sure I’ve read one.

The way around it is to command select what you want from the list (or command-A for all) before you choose the sort option, then click the (b) button.

*Non-technical reasoning––to the Editor, the collection translates as a single entity. You’ll notice when you use command select, the Editor header will say Multiple Selection :Title.

that’s great, SCSHRUGGED, works brilliantly. Thanks for your help… much appreciated