Take Snapshot With Title possible bug

If you close the Take Snapshot With Title window using the red Close button certain aspects of Scrivener freeze. You are unable to click in the Binder or the Editor using the mouse. If you then type in the current page in the Editor, Scrivener does not automatically Save. The saving function can be invoked by using the File menu or its keyboard shortcut, but the same freezing remains. Even the Quit command is unavailable and only a Force Quit seems to solve the problem. This in turn causes Scrivener to rebuild its Search Strings when re-activated. None of this occurs when you click the Cancel button on the Take Snapshot With Title Window.


Thanks for the bug report. That definitely sounds like a bug - it’s relying on the “cancel” button to cancel the modal (locked) session. I’ve added it to the list for the next update. 2.0 will make this panel a sheet, anyway, so there will no longer be a close button.

Thanks again and all the best,