Take snapshots…on manual save option

The General option to “Take snapshots of changed text documents on manual save” will, according to the manual, only take snapshots of documents changed since the last manual save. So if I have this option turned off, and do a manual save–which of the following is going to happen when I do another manual save:

  1. Zero snapshots will be created.
  2. Since I’ve never invoked a manual save with the option turned on, all text docs (even outside the draft folder) will get snapshots.

I ask, because I like the convenience of this feature, but I only want to start generating snapshots on changes made AFTER I turn it on. I can see why someone would want a base-line snapshot of everything before changing anything, but I don’t necessarily want every text item in my binder to have a snapshot.

Also: Would it be possible, in the future, to have another option to let you title all the snapshots generated this way, much like what happens when using the “Take Snapshot with Title” with multiple documents selected? This would be REALLY handy: “Changed ‘Harvey’ to ‘Antonio’” would be a really useful title after doing a project search and replace.

The answer is in between the two options you asked about. This will only start working from the last manual save prior to turning the feature on, within the current session. So if you want a clean slate, just reload the project prior to turning on the feature. Otherwise you’ll get snapshots for various things you may have edited since the last save during the current session.

The names are standardised to “Untitled (Save)” so that you can sort by the title column and easily remove them. Some kind of customisation for that would have to be in the project settings somewhere, at least to do what you’re looking for, that would be for Keith to decide.

Perhaps something you could try for now is to instead of using the automatic function, search for “*” and sort the search results by mod date, then title snapshot the lot of them with the edit you made. You’d have to remember to change the edit description in settings anyway, so the human element is about the same.

Good idea. I may do that instead for any specifically purposed snapshots.

Well, when I use the menu function/toolbar button, I get a pop-up where I can enter a new snapshot title for all the documents I have selected; I’d expect the option I proposed to do the same on manual saves.

It would be hugely annoying if every time you hit save, you were prompted to enter the name of a snapshot - a name that would have to be relevant for all changed documents.