Taking notes

and first of all sorry for my english and thank you so much for this great tool, every day it comes greater !!!

My suggestion for iPad/iPhone is the possibility to take every kind of notes: text, audio, photo, movie, sketch. We can do that with iPad/iPhone and it would be great to do that directly in Scrivener’s project concerned without using other applications who force us to make transfer with the risks to forget or loose informations.

Thanks to all the team !

I do like that idea. I can see potential issues with bandwidth use when mobile if we start trying to sync lots of media files though.

One to consider carefully to avoid introducing a feature that’s wonderful in theory but unworkable in practice for those with limited mobile bandwidth.

I wouldn’t worry too much about limited bandwidth personally…so long as you give people options for syncing!

What a number of Dropbox “syncable” apps do is give you the option to only sync automatically on WiFi, and allow for manual overrides to the rule. This does, of course, run some risk of corruption and sync issues for people, but there’s not much that can be done for that–other than perhaps try and include some sort of backup feature like the desktop version.

Circus Ponies’ NoteBook does something pretty similar: it checks for changes on Dropbox files, and warns the user before it opens them, giving them the option to copy from the cloud, upload TO the cloud, or just work locally.

Options are great, but a 3G connection is never going to be a good fit for opening up a multi-gigabyte project.