taking Scrivener from Mac to Windows (without tears)

Hi everyone - I spent months constructing a database on my work windows machine, and I am taking a short trip so VERY EASILY just copied the zip file and opened it on my mac. No stress, no tears!

I am dreading taking it from Mac back to windows. In the past I had to “wrestle” with it to force it to open. Is it a matter of “unzipping” and just taking a file and opening from that?

Would someone be kind enough to list the steps? I will likely be making the transfer when I return on the weekend …

Thanks in advance.

On the Mac: File -> Backup -> Backup To. Check the box to create a ZIP backup.

Transfer the resulting file to Windows by any convenient method.

Unzip. (In the version of Windows I have, right-clicking and using the Extract command works.)

Double-click the .scrivx file in the extracted project.