Taming Pictures for Hardcopy Version

I’m compiling for a MOBI file, but some of my proofreaders want a hard copy.

The problem is that when I compile to a PDF, the images go way past the margins, and onto the next page where text overwrites them.

The images are specified as being 3 inches wide for a print size, but that is ignored.

I have 53 images in my book, can you think of some easy way to make them display properly on a hardcopy printout? I can compile to an .odt file, then manually resize all the images, but I’d like to find a shortcut to that.



I found one solution: A macro to resize all graphics:

rem Sub ResizeAllGraphics
Dim go,g,i
go = ThisComponent.getGraphicObjects
For i = 0 to go.Count-1
g = go.getByIndex(i)
g.Height = g.Height/4
g.Width = g.Width/4
rem End Sub

Another solution (probably a bit too late in the project for this time around, but for future reference) is to use two different sets of graphics, one for print and the other for e-publishing. Generally they are going to be different anyway as you want maximum quality in print, but must design the total scale of the book to download limitations for e-books.

You would so so by linking to the images when inserting them, instead of embedding them. The images would then all be kept in some folder together outside of the project, and used when compiled. You can then rotate out sets of images by changing folder names (the links just point to an absolute spot).