Tapping on "Recent" crashes Scrivener

Is anyone else experiencing this issue. It doesn’t matter how recently I’ve accessed the project, whenever I tap on the “Recent” item at the top of the binder view, Scrivener crashes.

Not experiencing it with iOS 12.4.1, Scriv. 1.2 (2013), iPad Air 2.

Happens on my iPhone 8 Plus but not on my iPad 6th gen. Both running Scrivener 1.2, i(Pad)OS 13.1.2.

I should have included my specs too:
iOS 12.4, iPhone 8.
Plenty of Space available (178 GB).

My iPhone 8 Plus has much lower storage (28 GB available) but that probably doesn’t mean much. For a memory crash (unlikely for this IMO) you’re looking for RAM, which Apple doesn’t publish. But FYI, all iPhones 8 have 2 GB, and all iPhones 8 Plus have 3 GB. :smiley:

More bug info: The crash happens on my iPhone 8 Plus in portrait mode, but not in landscape mode.

Don’t discount a memory crash. There could be a memory leak in a routine that is only used on new hardware and Scrivener’s sync routine is lucky enough to cause that bug to exercised.

On my iPhone 8 (os 12.4 still) it still crashes in landscape mode when I tap Recent.

I think the difference is that the 8 Plus shows both the Binder and the editor in landscape mode, like a teeny iPad.