Target goal and overrun on folders?

Hi, a newbie here, but already loving this soft quite a lot :slight_smile:

I’ve been looking for a way to enable target overrun for folders, but I couldn’t find it anyway.
Now I’m afraid there is no way to do it, is it?

Thank you!

Yes, the folder itself is a text file really, and can have its own goals and target overrun set to it. In order to have this impact the overall text for all subdocuments nested in the folder as well, you will need to use Scrivenings mode while writing and editing.

To set it up though, you’ll need to view the folder as a text item all by itself. To do that, just turn off the current view mode. If for example it shows as a corkboard, select that option again to disable it, which will probably present you with an empty editor, unless you tend to put notes or other stuff here. From there you should be good to go, as it is like setting up goals in any other document. Once you’ve set it up, click on the Scrivenings button in the toolbar, or press ⌘1 / Ctrl+1 to switch to Scrivenings.

The trick here is that the goal and progress information for a Scrivenings session is always taken from the first document in the session, or the folder in most cases. So if you aren’t seeing this work, you may have switched off a default feature that shows folder contents at the top of a Scrivenings session. Double-check that in the Behaviors: Folders & Files preference pane, with Include enclosing folder text in scrivenings mode.

Oh, great!

I should realize about viewing the folder by itself,
I was triying to click the target bar in scrivenings mode :sweat_smile:

To be true, every time I asked to myself if I could do something in Scrivener, I finally can, so nice.

Thank you!

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Hey, I have Scrivener 3 for Windows. I was wondering if I can add word targets to folders, not just documents. I usually change the folders to documents, set them the target, and then change them back to folders. But… Honestly that’s too many steps, and it gets tiring if you have to change the target and all that. Is there a way I can add the target directly to the folder?


Most of the time, I do not have a precise scene size goal, but I have a approximate goal at a higher level (for example chapter).

It would be nice to be able to set a size goal at the group or directory level.

I hope this helps,

That’s possible. You just have to add the “total” columns in Outliner view.

You need to turn off Scrivenings mode (to just show the text of the parent file/folder) to set a target word count on it. Once that’s off the little target icon appears at the bottom right of the editor. Then turn Scrivenings back on to see the word count bar.

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Exactly what I needed. I am not even sure now how I missed it :slight_smile:
Many thanks !