Target notifications are gone!

For the last few months, I no longer get notifications when I hit a target. I’ve tried reinstalling Scrivener, reinstalling Growl, upgrading Growl, reinstalling Scrivener again, and checking and unchecking every box. It’s all been great distracting from my dissertation, but at some point I should really get back to writing the thing, and having daily notifications was a big help.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, even dumb obvious ones.

For info purposes, I’m currently using:
Standalone downloaded Scrivener (not MAS version) version 2.6
Growl 2.1.3
Mac OS 10.7.5
Macbook Air from 2010

Are you getting any error messages on the console? I’d check for both Growl and Scrivener, and try to invoke a condition that will cause a notification, such as creating a section with a one word goal and enabling notifications for it. I would also enabled Show internal error alerts at the bottom of the General preference pane. If anything is hanging up during the attempted communication to Growl, you may get a pop-up window with some technical info (I’d recommend sharing that with us via e-mail or PM as it might include particulars about your computer information).

I just tried that, but I’m not getting any change on the console at all, not when I go above or below the target (I set it for three words). I’ve made sure that the box for internal error reporting is checked, but I don’t get any logs in the application support folder or in the console, nor any changes to the console itself. Am I looking in the wrong place?