Target over year end

Trying to create a deadline for the end of January next year, but Scrivener isn’t playing ball:

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 21.19.38.png
Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 21.19.54.png

OS X 10.11.2, latest Scrivener

0 days left? Hmmm not what I’m looking for!

Try using the full 4-digit year 2016 instead of 16. I just played with this and when I had 16, I also saw 0 days.

That’s got to be the problem. You’re a little overdue on the 16 C.E. deadline there!

Then we have a different bug :slight_smile: Field won’t accept 4-digit year. I even tried restarting Scrivener, no luck.

2015 Mabcook.

What are you date format settings in the Language & Region system preference panel? I don’t know if that is the problem as I tried setting that to a two-digit year but it still let me type in a full year, even though once I confirmed it would only show the last two digits in the Targets panel, 16 Jan 31 = 67 days left. This was using OS X 10.11 though.

Retested - it’s definitely something weird with that field. If I hit the spin buttons I can (eventually) get it to 2016, but it refuses to let me type in any more than two characters.

Here are my system settings for reference:

Last thing to try, a system restart…

shrugs I give up. Scrivener can’t count! :open_mouth:

If you have a delay in typing all the digits, it can restart, so you’re overwriting what was already there. For instance, if I start typing “2016” and have a brief pause after the “20” while I hunt for the 1 (no keypad!), it ends up overwriting the “20” and all I’ve got left is “16”, which will cause the 0 days left as you’re seeing. But I thought you said you were able to fix that with the spin dial.

What have you got for the target options?

Heh. Well you’re right! If you type the digits quickly, you can enter 2016. Looks like if there’s a delay off more than ~250ms, it only lets you enter two digits. You can still use the spin dial and end up with years ranging from 1 to 9999, it appears. Which is a somewhat bizarre bit of UX! I’m fixed now. And it’s telling me I have 61 days left on my project and I’m terrified and wishing it was ‘broken’ again. Gulp…

Thanks, MM. I think…!