Target Progress Bar: When should it become red?

This is only a suggestion for possible improvement.

I’m writing a book, and Scrivener is helping me to select, arrange, delete, or rewrite thousands (no exaggeration) of notes taken in the course of a couple of decades. I can’t even imagine how I could do this without Scrivener.

My book has a quite tight word limit, so one of the things I did at first was defining how long each chapter, section, and subsection should be. The Target Progress Bars are extremely useful to keep track of what I write (often, of what I must delete from my old notes).

However, there is a slightly disappointing aspect. Let’s say that I have a section (or document) set to a 500-word limit. As I write, the Target Progress Bar becomes red around the 425th word, or something like that.

It’s good to be warned that I’m approaching the limit, by why with the same color that should indicate I have exceeded it? Until I write the 500th word, it’s perfectly fine. I believe the bar should become red when I add the 501st word, shouldn’t it?

Xuan Ying

I cannot reproduce this, but I am unsure of your settings so I might be missing something. For one thing default settings end with the colour green when you’ve reached the end point, and secondly this colour is not arrived at suddenly, but rather gradually—so it could be you’ve switched the start/stop colours and what you’re seeing is the tail end of almost red that would be very difficult for the human eye to see.

If that is what you are referring to, getting into the threshold where “more red than orange” is all you can see, then consider going into the Appearance pane and checking off Target progress bars use smooth transition between colors, in the “General” sub-section. With this option, “Start Color” is will be used from 0% to 49%, “Midway Color” from 50% to 99%, and “End Color” snaps on once you hit 100%.

You are right. I hadn’t noticed you can turn off the “smooth transition”.

Thanks a lot!