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Hi everyone!

I am trying to set up the target settings without much luck. Can I set them up for existing drafts that I am already working on? I entered the amount of words but the progress bar shows nothing.

If anyone can help, I would really appreciate it.


Which target are you referring to, the individual document targets or project targets?

My apologies. I was a little vague.

I would like to be able to see both the target for say, a 10,000 word short story and a session target of 1000 words.

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This is from the FAQ. Is this what you need?

[6] [UPDATED ]What is the best way to get an accurate word count of just publishable text?
Update: Trimmed for brevity

Scrivener has a number of methods that can be used to acquire word counts at different levels of scope. But most of these do not distinguish between annotations (or footnotes) and regular text, so if you need to exclude this content, skip to the last paragraph.

At the document level, the footer bar will always display a real-time total word count of the current document. At a smaller scope, if you wish to count just a portion of a document, you can select the text you wish to count, and then right-click in the selection. A word counter will be added to the bottom of the contextual menu.

If you wish to see the word count for a number of documents all at once, the easiest way is to enable the Word Count column in Outliner, and select the parent of the documents you wish to survey. Remember you can use the disclosure triangles in conjunction with the Option key to view large portions of the Draft at once.

To get a quick sum of a group of documents together, select them in the binder and enable Edit Scrivenings mode on the selection (Cmd-Opt-4). The footer bar will display the total number of words for the Edit Scrivenings session.

Project Statistics (also in the View menu, or Cmd-Opt-Shift-S) allow many documents (even all of them) to be counted at once, and it is the only way to exclude footnotes or annotations from the count. The Statistics tool contains two key functions within it. The first will count every document currently in the Draft, the second will perform the same count on the current selection in the Binder, recursively if you wish. Exclusion options are located in the Options tab of this dialogue box.


Thanks for your quick reply. :slight_smile:
However, that is more than I really need. I just want to be able to quickly set up a project where I can check (with status bars) the remaining words for the entire project and a session target.

Thanks again :smiley:

Ah, I figured it out now. :smiley: