Target Status Bar

Is there a way to use the “target status” bar to show how many words I have typed for a session in all my documents (instead of just the one document)?
I would like an easy way to see when I have typed 2000 words/day.


This is what the session targets in Project > Project Targets are for.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks Keith. Your reply is, as always, fast and succinct.

I would like to request that, for 3.0, you consider adding a project target status bar in the menu bar so that one can always glance up to check the target goal.
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I would like to add a vote to this request.

I actually wouldn’t mind having the target information present as an option for the inspector window as well. For instance, perhaps it could be included as an option where the “general metadata” is now?

At the moment I end-up having it float over there.

The inspector inspects the selected document, so wouldn’t be a suitable place for project targets.

I may consider dockable project targets for 3.0, though, I’ll bear it in mind!

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