Target word count doesn't include footnotes

Hej! I love Scrivener and enjoy very much to work with it.
While working on an academic article, I run into a serious issue that i am unsure how to resolve:

The Character/Word count differs. Also, footnotes are not included in the character count of the Project target (both bottom bar and under the menu item), although they should.
Even more, the character count differs depending on where I am looking; this applies to one single document, no compile folder etc., and this single document is also the single one included is Compile:
Under Project Statistics – Selection, I get 32 000 characters. This count includes footnotes.
Under Project targets (bottom bar), the count shows 28 920 characters. This count does not include footnotes, though it should (see Settings below).

Project Statistics is set to Include footnotes, they are also not excluded for current document.
Under Project Target (menu bar, Session Target, which is something different, I know) “Count text anywhere” is ticked.
Under Project Target (menu bar, Draft Target, which is something different, I know) “compile group only” are ticked.

So, how do I get “Target for this document” to count footnotes as well? Note that this issue is essential for academic writing.

I also want to know the answer to this problem! I love Scrivener, but my footnotes are not included in the session targets, and I really need them to be! Please tell us how to include them, or please update this feature. Thanks.

Unfortunately, because session targets are live, for speed they can only take into consideration text typed into the editor, so I’m afraid that this is not possible at the moment.

All the best,

Just as an observation, inline footnotes are counted in the session target, while inspector footnotes, as observed, aren’t. I realise there may be some valid workflow reason why you can’t use inline footnotes, but it might be possible to use inline footnotes so as they will show in your session target, then convert them via Edit > Transformations > Convert Inline Footnotes to Inspector Footnotes once your session is complete. Again, if there is some workflow reason why this wouldn’t work for you, I apologise for taking up your time with it.