Target word count error (1.0.2)

While testing out the (otherwise wonderful) new target word count feature, I noted one unfortunate bug.

  1. I select a document, then click the target icon.

  2. I enter, as my target, a number in the thousands, including a comma following the first digit – i.e. “8,000” – and click OK.

  3. Upon returning to my document, I am started to find that the progress bar is full, though I have not even approached the set goal.

  4. I click the target icon again, and see that the comma and all digits after it have vanished, leaving only the number “8” as my target word count. While this provides immediate gratification, it may not prove terribly productive in the long run.

  5. The final twist: When I instead enter the number sans comma – “8000” – it not only works properly, but has a comma properly placed in it when I reopen the target word count window.

You have a great program here, and I have no doubt this bug will get fixed in the next go-round.

  1. The final, final twist: if you press return after Scrivener has converted it to 8,000 it will then take it back to 8 again.

It would be good if you could close off the field where you edit this as per the session target.

The comma glitch is an Apple bug, I’m afraid. Weird it works like that. Basically, Apple allow you to force a text field only to accept numbers, and it will place commas in the numbers if you want. But if the user enters commas, it plays up. Strange. So, basically, don’t but the commas in yourself. :slight_smile:
Thanks and all the best,