Target Word Count

I’m so sorry if this has been answered. I did a kind of half-a** search, but couldn’t find the exact easy answer I was hoping for. :smiley:

So here I am seeking wisdom from those who know better!

I’m using the latest beta and was looking for a way to add a target word count per folder. I have the target set for the whole manuscript, and then I set the word count target for the text documents as I go. I don’t see an option to set this for all documents, which would be nice.

Because I divide my writing into folders [chapters], I was hoping that there is a way add a target word count per folder so I can see the average word count per chapter without actually having to do the math. :laughing: Is this possible?

I hope that I made that somewhat clear. I seem to be tired ha!

Appreciate the help-

So I guess to answer my own question in case someone else looks in the future :slight_smile:

After trying different things, I found that I can just view the folder as ‘scrivenings’ and it will show me a total word count for the folder.

I thought the option to set a targert per folder would be cool, but this works fine for now.

Hello Jambirdie. You are nearly there. Using outliner you can set a target for each folder, and also show a progress bar as well as the current number of words. Just click on the outliner so that your folders are showing and then add some columns by clicking on the outliner column arrow (shown by my wobbly red arrow. This adds progress and targets to your folders. Click on the number in the column to edit it…

Thank you @argoed – I love a wobbly red line haha!
I appreciate the help!