Targets again (bloatware?)

Following instructions like the serf I am, I did a search for all the references to word-count targets. Wow! For such a small, after-thought like feature, it certainly seems to be popular!

I myself find it indispensable, which is why I ask for the following small modification for MacOS: Since session wordcount is the most dynamic feature of this (I can do the session word counts; the project word counts seem infinitely far away!) could you consider putting the SESSION target at the top of the little pop-up display with the session below? Reason: when I am using a monitor and my MBP no problem. But I often write with only the MBP and then real estate is limited. I take the session target and put it at the bottom right. If session target (which is the immediate concern) was at the top (or could be optionally placed there) then I need only show that when I’ve parked it there and I’m working in composition mode.

OR perhaps we could have a preference that would allow the target bars (or the session one) to show inoffensively at the bottom right in composition mode, either all the time or via a keyboard shortcut. That would be disproportionately helpful. It’s just a little thing, but the “targets” really is, all by itself, a great argument for Scrivener, and my students have found it so too (highly-suggested purchase for thesis writers).

Which brings up the second point: SINCE judging by the rather astonishing interest in the target-bar feature it is a much loved function, COULD you not consider (as I gather you have not currently done) putting it into the much-anticipated Ipad scrivener? Banging off my prescribed 1000 words, even when traveling with the iPad alone, is just what I imagine the iPad to be best for, and having my friendly progress bar at the bottom would be very helpful.

Thanks for considering these two items.
Looking forward to the new iteration of the Mac Scrivener and the iPad Scrivener too.


The next major (paid) update of Scrivener will feature the ability to show target progress bars via a new toolbar feature.

Targets are already part of the iOS version, although the session targets are a little simpler there.

All the best,