Targets not showing up in Outliner view (probably my fault)

I’ve just watched the video on Targets, but am having a bit of a problem. I’ve set a Project Target of 120,000 words, selected my Title Page document, and the drafts of the first two chapters that I want to include in my draft (clicked on the Include in Draft button in Inspector, and on the “Documents included in Draft” in the Target dialogue box). But when I select draft folder, and click on Outliner, I get a column of all of my documents, but the Target entry for each reads Zero. Why doesn’t the 120,000 show up anywhere? Is it because 120,000 is the target for the draft, and each of these lines is a separate document for which I haven’t set a target?

Also, now that I’ve set a Project and Session target, is there nowhere I can watch those stats in real time as I work, or is my only option to set a document target so I can keep it in sight at the bottom of the page?

Sorry, I know these are obtuse questions, but I wrote my last book using Scrivener at 10% of its power, and I’m hoping to maximize its function for this next one!


Yes, you’re right that the targets in the outliner pertain to document-specific targets, not the project target. To view the project targets as you work, just bring up the project targets panel - View > Statistics > Project Statistics. The panel has two progress bars, and the top one is the Draft progress.

All the best,

Thanks Keith.

I’m learning bit by bit…