Targets not updating!

Not only is the Session Target not showing any new words typed into this project, but the Manuscript Target is completely wrong and hasn’t updated in a while (it shows 8507 words, whereas if you look at the complete Scrivenings in Manuscript the count is 9361). Any idea what might cause this?

I first noticed it yesterday, where the Session Target showed me a count of 443 words…but the document that I was typing in, which I started yesterday, was at about 900.

Interestingly, I started a new document today (just now, for this post) and typed a bit in that – both session and manuscript targets update for that. So perhaps I just have one document that’s buggy?

I bet the other document is set to not be included in the compile. Open the Inspector (blue ‘i’ button in the toolbar), and check the “General” section in the middle for an “Include in Compile” checkbox. Make sure that is ticked for the things that should be in the draft.

Likewise, the overall draft counter will only count things that have been specifically set to be included in the draft. If at some point you compiled just one or two chapters and then never set the compiler back to include the whole draft, that could be why it hasn’t updated in some time. Granted that behaviour isn’t default, but using the checkbox is default, and some people select chapters using these checkboxes, rather than the Contents pane in the compiler. So you might as well check everything to make sure all is checked that should be. The easiest place to do that is the Contents compile option pane, as it will not only show you if the entire draft is selected at the very top, but provide a handy checklist for the “Include” checkbox. That’s easier than clicking through the whole thing in the Binder and checking in the Inspector.

Nope, it was set to be compiled. I created a new document and copied that document’s text into it, so it shouldn’t be messing me up any more, but it was definitely checked in the Compile window.

Okay, I would try resetting the search index next. That is what Scrivener uses to count as you type, to increase performance, but some conditions can cause it to get out of date or jammed up. Simply go to the File menu and hold down the Option key and select “Save and Rebuild Search Indexes”, which will appear. After doing that, I would restart Scrivener and load the project.