Task list/s in Scriv? BuJo style bullets?

Does anyone else use Scrivener to write out task lists? If so, how do you do it? What does it look like?

Using a normal list means everything starts with the same bullets. You can manually change individual bullets, but then using the list drop down again changes any that were manually changed, and so I don’t really like that idea. Is there some method of making list item bullets independent of each other? Like make it so when I use the list drop down in the format bar it only changes the current item instead of the whole list?

Right now I’m using just non-list regular content, and I’ve adjust the margins/spacing to make it more list-like. To get some of the more odd characters (like a circle for an event), I’m using either the character viewer window or a bookmarked document with the characters to copy/paste (whatever fits my mood at that moment). I want to make sure I’m not missing something more convenient? The paragraph styles don’t seem to be able to prepend characters (like html/css ::before and ::after), though part of me is debating using different highlight colors instead of bullet signifiers? I am quite fond of the signifiers from bullet journals, the daily log concept works really well for me.

I’m not a fan of normal task management software, because much of it doesn’t have a sort of history or log of what was done when. Sure they typically have a “completed tasks” section, but it’s often just one huge list with no context. I’m not really concerned about planning the future, at least not as much as most of the apps and people that I’ve seen, I’m more interested in creating/keeping a decent log of the past. Probably due to the disorders I have that totally mess up both my memory and my sense of time (people ask things like how long I’ve been divorced for, and I genuinely have no idea at all, not even a guess or an estimate; my brain comes up blank AF with a super unhelpful “Idk, no idea”).

But anyway, like I said, I’m curious of anyone else does some type of task management in Scriv? Or using it as a log for their life? Because there are certain features Scriv has that I’m finding really helpful for this idea (for example, custom metadata check boxes in outline view make a simple & effective habit tracker).

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