TaskPaper 1.2.3 Upgrade for iPhone/touch Crashing

If you use TaskPaper on your iPhone/touch–and a lot of Scrivener users do–you might want to take a pass on the July 2/1.2.3 update. It refuses to load on iPhone 3Gs and iPod touch 2-generation (including mine) running iOS4. Jesse is well aware of the problem and has already sent Apple a fix that’ll hopefully appear in the next few days.

There’s a discussion about the problem here, including links to what you can do to downgrade to the previous version:

groups.google.com/group/taskpape … 74c7aa7750

Downgrading to 1.2.2 fixed the problem on my iPod touch.

The problem doesn’t seem to be happening with other models, but given that fix in the works, it might be better to play it save and not upgrade.

Many thanks to Jesse for such a quick response to this problem.

Incidentally the iPad half of the build is unaffected by this bug (and doesn’t have iOS4 anyway). I updated it last night and it’s running fine this morning. So if you are using it with an iPad it is safe to upgrade.

Jesse posted a fix for this bug within hours of its report and the new version 1.2.4 has now appeared (a week later) on the iTunes store. It fixed the crashing problem with my 2-gen iPod touch, so I imagine it’s also fixed the similar problem with the iPhone 3G.