¿Te gustaría escribir una Novela-en-un-Día?

Okay, I speak NO Spanish at all, but I know that plenty of people out there do, so… apologies for the rest of this post being in English!

Would you be interested in taking part in a Spanish language version of Novel-in-a-Day? NeuD would take place at the same time as NiaD (i.e. on the same day in October), and would use exactly the same story. The difference would be that your briefings would all be Spanish, and – of course – so would the finished book.

To stage a Novela-en-un-Día would naturally require quite a bit of extra work (not least of all it would mean producing the story much earlier, and having someone go to all the effort of translating). So before we make that commitment, I want to make sure there’s enough interest.

If you are keen, please let me know in the post below, along with any comments. I know that we do have a number of Spanish speakers take part already, so I’d also be interested to hear if they were offered both whether they’d continue to go for the NiaD or the NeuD.

NOTE, this isn’t a formal sign-up yet, so putting your name down here doesn’t guarantee that there will be an event this year, nor does it guarantee a place (the normal rules of availability and entry will apply!), but it will make the event more likely!


Definitely! 8)

I have shared my experience on NiaD with some fellow Spanish writers with quite a positive feedback, though they’ve felt discouraged because they are not used to write in English.

I’m willing to help you with the translations should you need it, as well as with any support during the process itself. :smiley:

Looking forward to it!

[size=85]BTW, I asked in the forum if there were other Spanish language writers a few weeks ago, but I got to count only 3 others out of 180 views on that thread.[/size]

Me, me! Sorry, I didn’t see that post. I am Spanish and I’ve been participating in the three last NiADs. I also contributed to the first Novela en un Día (NeuD) in Spanish and had a blast. So yes, I think this would be a great idea. Although I’d like to participate in both! But not the same day, my heart would’t take it, so I’d go with the NeuD, if only because there would be less people participating, probably. Maybe.

So, count me in. Sorry for disappearing, I always forget to set up alerts for this forum.


So I’ve just sent an email to the participants of the little NeuD I organized, and Daurmith has somehow already beaten me to answering to this post. Count me in, however much work you need me to do.

I’d love to be part of the NeuD. I took part in a similar event and I’m ready for the next challenge. Plis, Let me know when I’ll be deffo IN :wink: Thnx in advance! Diego.

Count me in. I’ve been part of the little NeuD experience last december, and I’m already hooked.

It would be a great opportunity to brush up on mine - Spanish that is. Living in the land of the red hot chili pepper (Texas), it never hurts to be functional in another language. Do I see a French version coming soon? Or, maybe a German version? :wink: