Team Project?

So I am writing my first Novel, and I want my Brother to edit my manuscript. If we both have a copy of Scrivener is it possible to work on a project together?

If you don’t mind “hot potato”, where you wait for the edits to continue working on the project, then that’s the dirt simple way to do it. You can of course blend that a bit, if your brother is just adding comments or inline annotations for instance, then you can go on working and later open up both projects side-by-side and go through the comments in your original. That will be less productive if you actually want to keep those comments after they have been addressed though.

Otherwise that’s about it for the moment. The developers have yet to add a capability that would make it possible for more than one person to work on the same project simultaneously, and merge all of the changed copies back into the master project at a later date. Once that is available, you really only have to worry about not working in the same areas of the text to avoid conflicting edits.