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So if you were in charge of a class C (less than 255 devices) network that spanned two buildings had multiple servers, two WPA using NAT translation for secure public access (WPA2) (AP use DHCP for wireless clients only on a different segment) supported VPN through a CenterPoint Appliance and used VLANS to segment VOIP traffic and some security,

Would You

(A) Use static IP addressing

(B) Attempt to use DHCP

Neither, pige, I’d use DHL

DHCP for any “user level” device… if you really need to have the IP’s fixed, lock them via MAC address leases and the like, but usually not important.

Servers get fixed addresses in a specific range (10-50) or whatever.

Always plan for growth :slight_smile:

Just my opinion.

I’d use DHCP on a 3-node network. Not that I admin many networks beside my own, but it just seems to be the best approach. Your DHCP server should be able to assign/reserve IP Addrs for specific MAC addresses, so that your servers are effectively static, but it’s a pain in the buttocks to try and maintain a static list for even 10 or fifteen non-server machines. Especially when you end up having to replace the motherboard of someone’s desktop which changes that machine’s MAC address (I’m assuming that NOBODY does separate ethernet cards in desktops these days).

Vic-k I can’t use DHL because my machines did not reach the height requirements to get on the ride.

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Thanks for the info. I’ll look into DHCP for clients / static for server/appliances and use MAC leases.