Technical Question! No Crap Answers Please.

Everywhere I go, I get lustful glances from females of most age groups. I’m used to it, and I can handle it. However, I’m not narcissistic, I’m modest to a fault. I have absolutely no desire whatsoever, to spend hours looking at myself in the mirror…or my reflection in ultra reflective, glossy computers screens.

Awaiting confirmation from my local Compudoc, as to whether or not my trusty iMac is no more, :cry: or just poorly sick, I am using my wife’s recently acquired laptop with its glossy screen. If something isn’t black or dark grey, these screens pick it up and reflect it back.

Two month ago, my wife took the laptop down the garden to do some serious female Retail Therapy Googling. Fifteen minutes later she was back in the house. Outside, she was barely able to see the images on screen.

Why are glossy screens touted as being an asset, when in reality, they’re a pain in the arse? What is the point of them. One of the most common criticisms of iPad, is its uselessness in bright daylight, because of its glossy screen. Are matt screens a thing of the past?

No, I think it’s just a phase computer manufacturers are going through, and we’re at the tail end of it. I’ve recently read reviews, for example of the new MacBook Airs, that suggest that screens on new models are reverting: they’re less reflective.

Real answer: Glossy screen appear to project a crisper image with more contrast and saturation than a matte screen. Since most markets are trending toward consumption, not creation, and since the creation market is trending toward creation for the afore mentioned consumers, the glossy is becoming the default.

Crap answer: Simply to drive you crazy. It should be a short trip.

And if you use polarized lenses it is supposed to help with the glare. I will grab a filter and see if I can determine if you need horizontal or vertical.

Gloss screens are a bit of a fad but there is a genuine reason for them. If you take pictures and get prints made you’ll notice that the glossy ones have more “pop” than the matte. The blacks are blacker and the dynamic range is wider. Same with screens. So you can blame this irritation on demanding designers and photographers. As Hugh points out, the new MacBook Airs are different, they’re semigloss in an attempt to minimize reflection but still get pop. :slight_smile:


News from Compudoc, is: iMac is no more. A terminal case of, Motherboardemiaitis. :cry:
I have resolved to wait for a bug free OS X Lion, middle of next year. In the mean time, I shall attempt to acquaint myself with the mysteries of Win 7, on Ange’s laptop. With her typical unstinting generosity, she has offered to allow me access to it, for only £5 a week.

Thanks for your views on glossy screens, folks. :slight_smile:

Oooh! That’s grim!

They may have suggested it already, but if it’s the motherboard, then the disk is still all right and they could put the disk’s contents on an external drive so that when you decide to strut upon the stage with your new roaring lion, you can just hook up the external when you start it up the first time and you’ll be able to get all your old stuff onto the new machine with the Migration Assistant.

Now then, lemme see . . . Lion due in June perhaps . . . say six months, that’s 26 weeks @ 5£ a week which is 130£. A new 21.5" Imac is 1000£. Hmmmmm . . . you may be pleasing Ange no end with this new cash flow but . . . :slight_smile:


Yeah, definitely yank the hard drive, if you’re sending it back to be repaired…as far as I know, apple will wipe the drive.

I didn’t think the new macbook pros were all that glossy? I can swipe my father-in-law’s laptop tomorrow and compare it with mine (a pangolin from System76. It would be glossier, if I actually cleaned the screen.)

there you go. Just let a few months of dust settle on the screen, and it’ll cut down the glare!

Doc saved about 3G of data from HD, onto DVD, and I have the HD itself, intact. :slight_smile:

As for the cost of using Ange’s laptop, I’m giving her promissory notes written on betting slips from the local bookmaker. They’re worthless :smiling_imp:

Line from an old W C Fields movie:

“I’ll give my own personal IOU, a thing I seldom do for strangers.”