Technique Question

I’m a new Scrivener owner, and so far I love it. It’s almost perfect … except …

I’d like to use Scrivener to organize future website content. I will frequently have a list of keywords, up to 250 of them. I’d like to create some way to import the list so that each keyword phrase becomes a draft document of the same name as the keyword. From there I’ll use the outline feature to create folders and drag keyword files into each as makes sense to me.

If I use a script file to read and execute ‘touch filename’ for each line in the file, in some directory, for instance, and then import those file into scrivener, will I get what I want? (Which is, to have ~250 empty documents at the top level of the draft folder.) Or do I have to do something else?


Bump – any thoughts, anyone?



I don’t know any way to automate this procedure; others may.
Just working manually, you can take a list of 250 words, and drag it to the Binder
In the resulting item, use the command Documents: Split: with Selection as Title
and in time you will have 250 items, labeled with the key word.
Sounds tedious, but I just did 50 words in about three minutes.

Your idea would work, but seems like building unnecessary complexity. If you really want to go this route you will need to create a plain text file with all the words in it (if you are using phrases this will not work) then use this file as a source list for a for or while loop. If you are using phrases then you will need to do things a bit differently. It might be easier to just make new documents in the binder.